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  • eg. from:TwitterUserName, #Topic, @TwitterUserName
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What is Twiclur?

Twiclur is a widget that allows you (user) to customize and Twitter user feed or a search keyword in a widget. The widget can be easily customized and added to your blog or website in minutes.

How do you pronounce Twiclur?

Twiclur is pronounce as Twi-cler.

How can I contribute?

You can use Twiclur on your website to display your Twitter info and spread the word! If you have suggestions or would like to request a feature, email ritz[at]Twiclur.com.

Will Twiclur continue its efforts to maximize widget customization?

I have a lot of ideas and goals for Twiclur, depending on its usage and feedback, there will be more customizations on the way.

What inspired the idea for Twiclur?

I was inspired to create it in order to help sites consolidate sources into a single widget. Cyclur, inspired me to create Twiclur.

Twiclur doesn't show up on my Wordpress blog, what am I doing wrong?

The most common cause for this problem is invalid plugin code or a plugin conflict, if you are running a Wordpress blog or any other blog with plug-ins, try disabling your plug-ins one at a time to try and fix your feed.

Can I use Twiclur on my blog?

Absolutely, Twiclur widget was designed to be used on any valid HTML page, you can use it on any blog including Wordpress. Just pop-in the code where you want to display it and you are done!

I want a custom Twiclur widget for my website, how can I customize it further to fit my needs?

Twiclur has been built on the very foundation of user customization, if the current set of features do not satisfy your need, please e-mail me at ritz[at]twiclur.com with a detailed description of your custom requirements.

Twiclur does not work for me after I insert the code, How can I fix it?

Please e-mail me at ritz@twiclur.com with a detailed description of the problem, preferably a screenshot and sample code, I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.

Who are you?

My name is Ritesh Manchanda and I am currently working as a Lead Designer at an online ad network in New York City. I have extensive experience in Graphic Design, 3D art, and web coding. Learn more about me at www.riteshmanchanda.com or gaming website www.gamedibs.com

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